Wouldn’t it be nice, to sit at the comfort of your home, Office or anywhere, order for item (s) and have it delivered at any place convenient to you? That is the power of ecommerce/online shopping stores.

Let me refresh your mind a bit for those that don’t really understand what ecommerce is all about.

Simply put, ecommerce is the buying and selling of goods and services primarily on the Internet/online.

This is where you place an order through an ecommerce website, make your payment online via Credit/Debit card, bank transfer or can do cash on delivery depending on the platform the website is using.

It is also known as online stores, online shopping, internet marketing etc.

Online store takes a lot of stress off your shoulder for civil servants in Nigeria – this is a known fact.

Today, there are many ecommerce websites in Nigeria.

In fact, Nigeria is at the lead of ecommerce activities in Africa so it’s not new to us, but then a lot of people don’t really know much about these ecommerce websites.

Before we look at the top 10 online stores in Nigeria, let’s quickly take a look at the benefits of shopping online.

Since the evolution of the internet, everything, including the way we shop has changed over the last few years.

Online stores have numerous advantages that it presents to its users.

Some of the benefits of  online shopping  in Nigeria include:

  • Convenience
  • Less expensive
  • Variety of choices
  • Enabling platform to shop from anywhere
  • Ease of buying and sending a gift to someone
  • Generally affordable
  • Access to designer wears
  • Access to like-new quality items (FeelynX online fashion store) etc.

Having highlighted some of the benefits of online stores, let’s look at the best online stores in Nigeria.

Here are the top 10 best ecommerce websites in Nigeria you should know in 2018.


1. Jumia

10 Best Ecommerce websites in Nigeria You should know

As the most popular ecommerce website, Jumia has rated the highest visited ecommerce website in Nigeria. Jumia Nigeria was established in 2015, precisely May. This online store deals massively on different items.

You can buy almost anything you want such as electronics, foodstuffs, provisions, and many more.

Payment option (s):

You can make payment through credit and Debit card, cash on delivery and other methods.


2. Konga Online Store

10 Best Ecommerce websites in Nigeria You should know

Like Jumia, Konga is one of the 10 best ecommerce websites in Nigeria.

It was established in 2012 and since then, konga online store has grown to offer ecommerce services.

As a growing online store in Nigeria, Konga deals on mobiles devices and electronics in general, bags, fashions and other products.

Payment option (s):

When you buy item (s) on Konga, you’re at liberty to pay via internet banking with your Credit/Debit card, Cash on Delivery or Point of Sales (POS) – the choice is yours.

Note: you may be able to pay N100, 000 with POS on delivery

3.FeelynX Online Fashion Store:

Top 10 best online fashion stores in Nigeria

Established in 2017, FeelynX is one of the fast-growing ecommerce/online fashion stores in Nigeria. It deals only on ladies items/wears such as shoes, bags, clothes, perfumes etc.

At FeelynX online fashion store, their priority is to proffer a better solution to most women domestic problems fashion-wise, by making provisions for quality brand new and like-new items for sales or rent.

The billion naira question is; why stuff your wardrobe with an expensive item (s) you’d never get to use just after one event or occasion? -that’s the idea behind renting at FeelynX  Online Store to save you the stress of having such items in your wardrobe.

In addition to offering quality items, FeelynX also trades from their customers.

In other words, you can bring your brand new items, or light-used designer items or African designs to your local FeelynX pick-up location and exchange them for store credit to buy other items in their collections.

They also have impressive customer relations services.

When you buy any item from FeelynX, it will be delivered to you anywhere in Nigeria with free delivery for those within Abuja and affordable delivery fee for those outside Abuja

Payment option (s):

FeelynX has two payment options; you can make your payment through Bank Transfer or Pay on Delivery


4. Dealdey Online Store:

10 best ecommerce websites you should know in Nigeria

Dealdey was establishment in March 2011. It is also one of the 10 best online store websites in Nigeria you should know.

They deal on products and services such as electronics, mobiles devices, Food, hotel bookings, professional courses etc.

DealDey online store is flexible and has a good support service.

Payment option (s):

Dealdey has three payment options which include, Wallet option, GT PAY exclusively to GT bank users and Card payment (Master card, Verve or Visa) 


5.  Wakanow Online Store

10 best ecommerce websites you should know in Nigeria
Wakanow was established in 2008. It became fully functional during the first Fifa World Cup competition hosted in Africa in 2010.

As an ecommerce website, Wakanow provides a full information on hotel reservations. They also provide details about airport pickups, visa assistance and other travel related services.

Payment option (s):

You can make your payment using Quickteller.

6. Shopaholic:

10 Best ecommerce websites in Nigeria You should know

Being one of the 10 best ecommerce websites in Nigeria, Shopaholic has been in existence since 2009.

They deal on fashions and other accessories.

Shopaholic was registered under BVX LTD. They claimed to be the brain behind Cash on Delivery method in Nigeria which plays a vital role in building customer’s trust, thereby paving a way for other online stores in the industry.

Payment option (s):

You can make payment on Shopaholic through Bank Transfer and Cash on Delivery when the goods arrive.

7. Kaymu Online Store:

10 Best Ecommerce websites in Nigeria You should know

As one of the 10 best ecommerce website in Nigeria, Kaymu was established in 2012 by Africa internet group. There focus is primarily on creating internet market platforms that enable marketers both buyers and sellers to carry out a smooth transaction via their website.

Payment option (s):

Kaymu accepts Pay on Delivery and Partners Interswitch on e-payment.


8. Mall for Africa:

10 Best ecommerce websites in Nigeria You should know

Mallforafrica is among the top online procurement website in Africa. Their major aim is to assist, African with base in Africa procure their best products and services from the top malls all around the world and have them delivered to your homes no matter where you are.

Payment option (s):

MallForAfrica WebCard.

9. DressMeOutlet Online store:

10 Best ecommerce websites in Nigeria You should know

DressMeOutlet is an online store that deals on beauty items, health and Fashion. It is also one of the best ecommerce websites in Nigeria.

They claimed to market the best products locally and internationally made such as bags, shoes, beautiful dresses, and jewellery. Find out!

Payment option (s):

Internet banking

10.  Adibba Online store

10 Best ecommerce websites in Nigeria You should know

Adibba.com is well-structured ecommerce/online store website that deals on high-quality products such as Power Solutions, Children’s items, Appliances, Electronics, Sports and other services like installation of Equipment etc.

It was launched in September 2013.

Adibba is known for the provision of awesome customer support to its customers.

Payment option (s):

They accept Pay on Delivery, Internet banking etc.

Final thoughts:

Ecommerce has come a long way in Nigeria making buying and selling easy for workers and business owners on a tight schedule, who can now place their order and have the items as requested delivered at their homes or anywhere preferable to them.

Some of the reviews about online stores read thus:

It is so much easier to sit at home, find what we need it and then it’s delivered to our front door. Online shopping makes it easy for us to compare sellers before buying. we can get more detail before making a decision to buy or not – Just click shop.

The benefits of online shopping should not be undermined. Apart from convenience attached to this, it’s cost saving for those that know how to get the best deal online – Oyewole Folarin.

Embrace Online shopping!

Originally written by Kingsley Mbadugha on Backdesk.ng

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