In the Federal Republic of Nigeria and around Africa there exists several students and youths organization as at 2019. Nigeria in Particular has over 100, some are campus based, state based or spread across the geography of Nigeria. Mostly known for activity during electioneering periods, supporting, rejecting or projecting one candidate or the other.

When that is not the case, views of individuals as projected or rejected by these bodies, or worse still
news of one award or the other given to “applaud contributions to humanity” (not to discredit the efficacy of punish and reward systems).

However, we at the PELS-D brand would rather ask, what impact have students/youths bodies had over the years apart from the above mentioned. This resulted in the Partnership with the Delta State University
Abraka, Delta State Nigeria in 2019 to hold a version of the PELS-D Conference at their 750-Capacity Theatre.

The Conference was modeled on an interactive based lecture, idea sharing and answering puzzling questions style.
Various well experienced and well respected Mentors in Nigeria reeled out several solutions to the myriad of challenges facing Nigerian Youths at the Conference, with over 300 Youth Participants drawn from
the Students of DELSU Abraka, Youths within and outside Nigeria engaged the Speakers. With some popular media outlets covering the event

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